Brand Identity and Logo Design

Gage Cannabis Company

Gage is an adult-use retail marijuana dispensary located in Ayer, MA and one of the first to open in the state. Interestingly, the word “gage” does have significance to the industry. Musician Louis Armstrong used cannabis throughout his career, including before performances and recordings. He referred to cannabis affectionately as “the gage,“ a common term of the times.

We took inspiration from this era, the 1920’s, to include an art deco inspired identity but made for the modern time of marijuana normalization and legalization.

How We Helped
  • Identity Design
  • Logo Design
  • Identity System
  • Collateral
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Web Design
Gage Cannabis logo design example
Gage Cannabis Logo on dark background
Gage Cannabis Company - Marijuana logo design example
Dispensary logo design examples
Gage Cannabis Company logo design example

Brand Style Guide

We developed a brand style guide to document and explain how the organization presents itself  through its logo, type and color selections, photography and much more. Put another way, this guide is a reference tool that helps maintain consistency of the Gage Cannabis brand.

Dispensary Brand Style Guide example
Gage Cannabis Company Logo
Gage Cannabis Company Logo
Gage Cannabis Icon

Dispensary Marketing and Identity Design

With the creation of a brand identity, brand assets and style guide the rollout of the retail space creation and marketing assets took shape. Logo designs were applied to signage and brand patterns have been implemented through the retail space. Additional brand art and initial marketing materials were supplied to assist in the successful launch of Gage Cannabis Company.

Cannabis store sign example.
Gage Cannabis badge style logo design example
Gage Cannabis Dispensary Logo Design

Cannabis Marketing and Logo Design

Clutch Creative is a creative agency based in Burlington, VT. We think hard and work harder to make experiences meaningful, solutions smarter, and clients more effective with wide-eyed creative, effective design, and meticulous execution.

Our unique experience in  marketing, logo design and web design for the cannabis industry will be helpful in your overall success. So to get your project started, please contact us to get your project started.

Dispensary business card design example
Gage Cannabis Company business card design
Dispensary web design example