Gage Cannabis Company

Gage Cannabis Co. is a family-owned, local dispensary based in Ayer, Massachusetts. As one of the first adult-use dispensaries in the state, Gage sought to enhance its online presence to better connect with its target audience.

The Client

Gage Cannabis Company (Gage) is a premium recreational dispensary located in Ayer, Massachusetts. It is a family-owned sister company to Central Ave Compassionate Care, a medical dispensary also located in Ayer. As one of the first adult-use dispensaries in the state, Gage has been a trailblazer in the Massachusetts cannabis market.

Gage Cannabis Website Design

The Challenge

The previous Gage website was built on the DIY platform Squarespace. While it has been helpful in establishing the brand, it has limitations in meeting the creative, communication, and organic traffic opportunities of the organization. As such, it limits the brand’s online potential and competitiveness.

Amidst an ever-growing competitive field and with new website objectives, Gage needs to redevelop their website on a more flexible and scalable platform that aligns with the goals of the organization and continues to attract and support their target audience.

To achieve this goal, Gage has approached Clutch to plan, design and develop a new website.

Gage Cannabis Website Design

The Solution

The Gage website redesign project was another great opportunity to work with the brand. The main objective was to modernize their online presence by creating a user-friendly website that showcases their brand and products in the evolving cannabis industry.

By implementing a modern and mobile first design, the new website aimed to provide an intuitive browsing experience for visitors. Through compelling visuals, dispensary menu, and informative content, the dispensary website sought to showcase Gage Cannabis Company’s range of products for sale as well as its commitment to excellence in the cannabis industry.

Overall, the Gage website redesign project aimed to position the company as a reputable and trusted provider in the cannabis market. By successfully revamping their online presence, the website aimed to attract and retain customers, ultimately driving business growth for the brand.