Funniest Cannabis Strain Names

Top 10 Funniest Cannabis Strain Names and How they Impact Your Brand

Top 10 Funniest Cannabis Strain Names and How they Impact Your Brand 1278 856 Clutch Staff

Anyone who has consumed cannabis understands that there’s a plethora of cannabis strain names that range from humorous, to tasty-sounding, to downright confusing and even offensive. When you come up with cannabis strain names or the names of any products for that matter, you are putting out a reflection of your brand.

Brands we use every day invest much time and resources in the names of their products, and the cannabis industry should be no different.

A juvenile, explicit or offensive cannabis strain name could give the impression to potential customers that you aren’t taking your business seriously. Some of these cannabis strain names on this list are funny at first, but they might not be the best choice when it comes to strains you are proud of and represent your brand. Which of these names happen to be the funniest? Keep reading and find out.

Cat P*ss
Right off the bat, one of the funniest cannabis strain names is called Cat P*ss. Why on earth would anyone name a strain of cannabis after their pet’s urine? Your guess is as good as ours, but we suspect that it has something to do with its pungent smell. This strain is a Sativa hybrid with a lineage of Super Silver Haze that offers uplifting effects that can leave you feeling upbeat and happy.

Alaskan Thunderf*ck
Abbreviated as ATF to be more appropriate for a professional setting, using profanity for this cannabis strain name does not appear to have much rhyme or reason. There are many other options the breeders of this 70% Sativa strain could have called ATF, but they went with the profanity. And as you can see, it’s not the only cannabis strain name that goes this route.

Purple Money B*lls
This cannabis strain name is bordering on the absurd and is viewed by many industry professionals as inappropriate on just about all levels. This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid of Grandaddy Purple and Deep Chunk. Legend has it that PMB got its name from its bulbous purple buds that supposedly resemble, well you can guess.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien
Now that we’ve gotten some of the grossest and most inappropriate cannabis strain names out of the way, number 4 on our list is a lightheartedly humorous one. Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien is a play on the movie title Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and is a hybrid of Tiger’s Milk and Starfighter. This Indica-dominant hybrid is high in THC, sometimes reaching up to 25%, making this strain a good choice for nighttime consumption.

Gandalf OG
Getting its name after the wizard from the classic fantasy novel and films the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit by author J.R.R. Tolkien, Gandalf OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross of Louie XII and Skywalker OG. Another strain with high THC, this one can reach up to 28%, depending on where it’s purchased.

Peanut Butter Breath
This strain is a 50/50 hybrid cross between Do-Si-Do and Mendo Breath F2. The name of this strain is based on its flavor, which many consumers report as being nutty, earthy, and earthy. While many worse smells could come from someone’s breath, we’re wondering if perhaps this cannabis strain name would be better suited to dropping the last word.

Barack O’Bubba
This strain name gets its title from former U.S. President Barack Obama, with a uniquely humorous cannabis twist. The exact origin of this Indica-dominant strain is unknown, but if there’s a Bubba at the end, we suspect that Barack O’Bubba has a lineage of Bubba Kush.

A cannabis strain name that is perhaps a hat-tip to our friends over at Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Schnazzleberry is one of the more light-headed ones on this list. Consumers have reported that Schnazzleberry is one of the few strains that is being sold as pure Indica with an average THC content of around 20%. This is another variety that has unknown origins, but we suspect that Schnazzleberry could be traced back to a lineage of original Blueberry or Strawberry Cough.

Purple Urkle
Borrowing its name from the Steve Urkle character on the 1990’s sitcom Family Matters, Purple Urkle is a popular purple variety believed to have its origins in Mendocino Purps. Actor Jaleel White, who played Steve Urkle on the show, has endorsed this strain that is named after his character, who provided comedic relief on a show that tended to get into some serious subject matter.

Phishhead OG
Last but certainly not least on our list, Phishhead OG is another cannabis strain name that could have been named by Ben and Jerry’s. Borrowing its name from the popular jam band Phish, this strain is one with an impressive lineage of OG Kush and Afghani landrace varieties. Another Indica-dominant strain, Phishhead OG can reach a THC content of up to 26%.

Why Do Cannabis Strain Names Matter?

Cannabis strain names matter for a few reasons. First, your product names are a reflection of your brand. Like it or not, the names you give your products are a reflection of your brand, your staff, investors and partners, and so on. If you are looking to scale your business and gain investors and partners, why would you use a cannabis strain name that references cat “you know what…?”

Furthermore, gross-sounding and inappropriate cannabis strain names run the risk of perpetuating the age-old stoner stereotypes that many professionals have worked hard to dispel. Giving the names of your products like some of the ones listed here could conjure up images of couch-locked stoners in the minds of your customers, partners, and investors. As mentioned above, best-selling brands take their names very seriously, and a great resource to delve deeper into this is the book The Language of Food, written by linguist Dan Jurafsky.

With cannabis strain names, you have the power to influence the thinking of the very people who hold the keys to the success of your business. Why not name it something appealing, or at the very least, not after body parts or fluid? This is, of course, our two cents and is in no way a judgment call on anyone reading.

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