10 Popular Dispensary POS Systems to Consider

As a cannabis retail business, simplifying operations is perhaps the most important way to help you focus on growing and becoming profitable. With a reliable Cannabis POS System, you can rest easy and stop worrying about the day-to-day. Here, we discuss what these crucial pieces of tech are, why you need them, and give an overview of 10 of the most popular ones.

What is a Cannabis POS System?

An abbreviation for “Point-of-Sale,” Dispensary POS Systems are retail-oriented pieces of software that can help run your everyday operations. This essential software will help you track sales and keep up-to-the-minute inventory.

What’s more, a POS system can keep your tax information neatly organized and observe consumer patterns. This information can be used to offer more of the products your customers want, as well as help you initiate or enhance loyalty programs.

POS systems for retail businesses are as old as the industry itself, dating back to the invention of the first cash register in 1879. Unlike retail POS systems, Dispensary POS systems need to offer special features specific to the legal cannabis industry that help businesses maintain compliance.

These special features include tax reports, age verification, seed-to-sale tracking, and so on. Dispensary POS Systems alleviate the headaches of compliance and keep accurate inventory information. Additionally, they make processing customer transactions much smoother and easier for your budtenders. Anyone who owns a retail cannabis business should consider purchasing a dispensary POS system.

Key Features of Your Cannabis Dispensary POS System

The most important feature of a good Dispensary POS system is that it will integrate with your compliance protocol. For instance, your POS must integrate and comply with seed-to-sale tracking laws in your state. Some other key features are managing inventory, taxation, and reporting procedures specific to your state.

With cannabis retail transactions, POS systems will facilitate business transactions easier and more secure than otherwise. Another feature that can help this process is an ID scanner, which verifies that every customer is of age before purchase. Moreover, these ID scanners will track buying patterns, which ensures that each customer remains within their legal purchase limits.

Some of the better POS systems will also include analytics that are built right into the software. These analytics let owners monitor which products sell the most, which promotions your customers like, and which employees are performing their best. With this valuable information collected by your POS, you can launch or improve your loyalty programs, plan data-driven sales, and help make decisions about advertisements.

Some of the best dispensary POS systems will offer even more features, like a delivery tracker, SMS messaging, and so on. Some POS companies may even offer Smart Screen services that can brightly display your dispensary menu and even interact with them.

These add-on features aren’t a necessity, and they aren’t available in every piece of POS software. However, adding these features could help impress your customers, and make your dispensary distinguish itself from the competition.

Examples of Dispensary POS Systems for Cannabis

Now that we’ve described what Cannabis Dispensary POS systems are, let’s list some of the most popular ones. In no particular order, here are 10 examples of just that.

1. Green Bits

Green Bits has the highest market share of all dispensary POS systems, with around $4 billion in yearly sales. Green Bits was established in 2014 in San Francisco and has since partnered with over 1,200 dispensaries across 13 different states.

The reason for the success of Green Bits is that its interface is very user-friendly, the platform offers 24/7 customer support, and a near flawless AWS uptime. In 2019, Green Bits was acquired by Dutchie.

2. Cova

Cova is a dispensary POS system that has already established itself as an industry leader in the Canadian market. Thanks to its high-quality customer service and seamless software, COVA has earned itself as a top choice in the cannabis sector.

COVA offers the functionality for alternative payments like crypto, mobile customer queuing, and branded gift cards. This well-designed platform will make its way to the U.S. soon and continue to gain market share.

3. FlowHub


Founded in 2015 in Colorado to service the emerging adult-use market in the state, FlowHub is an aesthetically pleasing dispensary POS system with a clean design and quality customer support.

Flowhub claims they were the first POS to successfully integrate their platform, with the seed-to-sale tracker known as Metrc.

4. Meadow

Meadow got its company start as a California-based delivery service. After feedback from customers, the brand evolved into a solid POS system for dispensaries in California. As such, Meadow excels when it comes to compliance and tracking reporting for dispensaries in California that deliver.

5. Dutchie

Dutchie is perhaps the best-known dispensary POS system in the industry. The platform boasts a client base of over 5,000 dispensaries and cannabis retail locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Dutchie offers an easy-to-use interface and easy integration that results in a great customer experience both in-store as well as online. Some key features of Dutchie are its automated compliance and customized location management.

6. MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway is arguably the first dispensary POS system, launching in 2010. MJ Freeway is a great choice for business owners looking for a vertically-integrated platform that emphasizes maximizing each customer’s ROI.

Some of the revenue-generating features of MJ Freeway include data visualizations, automated inventory reminders. As a part of the Akerna company, MJ Freeway has strong financial backing.

7. IndicaOnline

If you’re looking for a dispensary POS system that offers basic and premium plans with various features and prices, IndicaOnline might be for you. IndicaOnline also includes solid delivery features and hardware.

IndicaOnline is integrated with WeedMaps, and it also offers SMS marketing, as well as digital TV menus. Dispensaries that deliver are attracted to IndicaOnline’s dedicated delivery-tracking service.

8. LeafLogix

Leaflogix is an affiliate of the dispensary POS leader Dutchie. This New-York based platform has serviced dozens of retailers across four continents.
A unique feature that LeafLogix offers is the cashless LeafPay ATM. This allows customers to securely pay for their cannabis products securely. LeafLogix has partnered with cannabis companies like Leafly and Metrc.

9. GrowFlow

GrowFlow is a company located in Seattle, and they work with over 1,000 dispensaries. Key features of GrowFlow include easy-to-use and navigate screens, visual data points, and employee performance and instant inventory alerts.

GrowFlow has designed a system specifically for Washington state. GrowFlow’s unique feature is that they offer a live function that can connect your dispensary with a cannabis wholesaler in real-time.


If you’re a business owner in California looking for a vertically integrated dispensary POS system with delivery-centric nature, BLAZE might be for you. BLAZE is compliant with Metrc and its features make it easy for customers to purchase from you.

The main thing many California consumers and dispensaries alike love about BLAZE is that customers can check in on their smartphones. This avoids long lines and helps to avoid the possibility that customers will lose interest. BLAZE also offers a proprietary payment platform.

Bottom Line: Dispensary POS Systems

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing the best Dispensary POS system for your cannabis business. Above all else, compliance should be your top priority. If the platform you choose does not maintain compliance in your state, it’s time to choose a new one.

If you’ve reached the bottom of this article, you are probably already thinking about which one of these platforms will be the best for your business. Your best choice will work in your budget, feature preferences, and individual business needs. Be sure to continue to do your due diligence and check out each company’s website below.

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What Are Some Popular Dispensary POS Systems?