5 Reasons Good Website Copy and Content is Important

5 Reasons Good Website Copy and Content is Important

5 Reasons Good Website Copy and Content is Important 1400 933 Clutch Staff

Most business owners understand how vital good design and UX are for their websites. However, many do not grasp how critical well-written, engaging, quality website copy and content is. Mediocre copy that is not SEO optimized, engaging to the reader, and doesn’t invite them to take action can significantly hurt the chances of success with your website. While brands will spend thousands on their website design, rarely do they invest in website copywriters.

Here in this article, we outline five of the top reasons why website copy and content should be given more of a priority. Additionally, we dive into how it can help ensure the success of your online presence.

1. Good Website Copy that Sells Takes Time

The definition of website copy is words written with the intent of getting the reader to take an action. That action is often asking them to buy, but it can also be signing up for a newsletter and following your brand on social media. Many business owners confuse the difference between copy and content. But more on content later.

Good website copy portrays the fact that your business or service understands a potential customer’s pain points and shows them how you can help. Visitors to your website will decide in seconds whether they want to buy from you or engage with you further. Attractive site design and solid functionality grabs their attention and opens the door. But good web copy is what can often seal the deal and get visitors to take action.

Much like many business owners and brands underestimate how much time it takes to develop a quality website, they apply the same logic to the development of copy and content and develop it. Sure, writing the first draft of your FAQ page might only take your copywriter a day or two, while designing it could take weeks. But this time frame of deliverables is underestimated nonetheless. Researching, editing, and rewriting are all a part of the process of providing quality website content, yet too few businesses hire good copywriters to provide this integral service.

2. Your Website Copy Reflects Your Brand

With good website copy and content, your brand can come to light. The way we build good brands is by being consistent with all aspects of our online presence, including copy. Without copy or content, you don’t have an identity — unless you are simply looking to develop an online brochure or a digital paperweight.

Your copy should reflect your brand’s goals and portray it in as positive of a light as possible. Your website copy, social media posts, and so on, define the purpose of your brand’s online presence. Be mindful of the choice of words that you are using and how important it is to stay relevant to your brand’s core goals and beliefs.

Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, an email list, generate sales, or bring customers through your door, your website needs a purpose. The mixture of both high-quality web design and development, as well as copy, is of the utmost importance to engage users and encourage them to take action. All of the above will help you maximize your chances of them taking that action while optimizing your conversion rates.

3. Good Website Copy Will Improve Your SEO

Ten to fifteen years ago, the writing on your website was mainly used to offer visitors information about your business, what you offer, and how to find you. Nowadays, your website copy is tasked with doing much more than that — especially with SEO strategy. Yes, the design and images you display on your website can help with SEO, but their importance pales in comparison to that of your copy.

The more well-crafted, consistent website copy and content you can manage to upload and post to your site, the better your chances of increasing your SEO rankings. What’s more, good copy can assure that Google picks up your website, indexes it, and ranks it higher in organic search results.

4. Your Copywriting Needs Will Not End After Launch

Copywriting does not stop when your website launches. In fact, after launch, it is only the beginning. You will need to develop FAQs and provide consistent blog updates that provide value. Doing so every week will help improve your ranking, attract customers to your site, and hopefully encourage them to do business with you.

5. Blog Content Maintains Relationships

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about the importance of consistent blog content. Offering blog posts that visitors want to read provides an opportunity for current customers to leave you feedback. It also allows you to answer the questions of potential new customers. You do this by positing valuable, engaging content that is rich with information. This is yet another neglected aspect of building a sustainable web presence.

Additionally, you’ll want to develop your social media presence. This way, you can share links and engage with readers if they leave comments. A good practice is to always take the high road approach to negative comments. Responding to negative comments, whether they appear on your blog, a Google review, or on your social media rarely is productive. It is often best to simply say “Sorry you had a bad experience, here’s our customer service line,” than to clap back with any negativity of your own. Responding within reasonable time frames to customers’ comments, both good and bad, shows that you are engaged with them and that you value their satisfaction.

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