5 Trending SEO Strategies that Will Help Your Business Thrive in the Future

As a marketing disciple, does the speed at which SEO strategies are changing seem to be unfathomable?

If yes, you are not alone! Over the past few years, Google has become faster and sharper at analyzing and recognizing web pages while keeping the results within the framework of users’ interest.

The better Google becomes at answering queries and delivering the right ads, the more money it generates for the service providers. However, things are now harder for those who rely on organic traffic, especially after the introduction of voice searches, AI and the progression of responsive experience.

The organic listing has been pushed down further by the SERPs, resulting in lesser organic traffic. This has caused online business owners to invest more in paid listings. As digital marketers, we work harder to create highly functional pages and faster websites, ranking higher on a search engine.

So here, we discuss the best SEO strategies that work and increase your organic search presence while keeping you at the top of your game.

Improve User Experience

Before we explore the effective SEO strategies, it’s best to know what Google is. It’s a search engine with the intent to provide the best possible result for user queries. And Google does it quite well, which is why it’s currently the largest search engine.

As an online business owner, your constant desire is to rank higher on the Google SERPs (search engine result pages) and therefore, you need to optimize your site for SEO.

But how can you improve the user experience of your web page and optimize your SEO strategy?

  • Easy-to-read and quality content
  • Incorporate bucket brigades to maintain a content flow. These are the conversational phrases used in the content to keep the readers hooked. “Here is the deal”, “best of all” “think about it” and other similar phrases act as bucket brigades as they don’t let the visitors get bored.
  • Excel in inverted pyramid copywriting style. It is one of the oldest and most effective writing style in which the most important information is at the top. Relevant stories and pertaining topics are discussed underneath with the least important content at the end.
  • Work on UX of the webpage for increased user satisfaction
  • Decrease the loading time

Optimize Voice Search

Today, almost 25% of US adults own a smart speaker; subsequently, you should be optimizing voice search results for a stronger SEO strategy. In 2017, voice commerce sales reached $1.8 billion and are set to hit $40 billion in 2022.

But, there is a remarkable difference in voice-based and text-based searches. Typically, voice searches are longer phrases with geo-specific locations. So, how can you optimize voice searches?

  • By using long-tail keywords
  • Using structured data

Benefiting from YouTube SEO

YouTube videos are a predominantly common feature in the SERPs as it serves to be the second largest search engine. Many SEO strategy experts often forget about video marketing, but here are a few suggestions for you:

  • SEO-friendly video content
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Create a playlist (breakdown a topic into sub-topics for better engagement)

Diversify SEO Backlinks

Even today, backlinks are highly important for search engine optimization but now quality matters. A website with irrelevant backlinks will less likely offer quality and thus won’t rank higher on Google. You need to consider a few factors to ensure your backlinking portfolio is consistent with Google algorithms.

  • Use a combination of bigger and smaller sites
  • Disclaiming too many poor-quality links

Focus on Technical SEO Strategies

A site that isn’t technically sound may underperform on Google, even after optimized SEO strategies. So, here we’ve a few techniques to strengthen technical SEO:

  • Load your site on HTTPS
  • Optimize Mobile Web Design
  • Use SEO crawlers
  • Improve Semantic Markups

SEO Strategies Summary

Growing an online business successfully after implementing an effective SEO strategy is neither too hard nor easy. Consistency is the key to get results that breathes a newer life into your online venture. So don’t neglect any of these strategic tips or partner with a professional SEO expert to get tailor-made services.