Why Elementor for WordPress is Perfect for Dispensary Websites

You’ve got one good decision down.

You’ve made the wise choice to use WordPress for your dispensary’s website. That’s one step in the right direction. The only problem is there’s still a lot left to decide.

Should you build it yourself or hire a web designer? Go full custom or use a page builder? What features should the site have at launch?

No matter your answers, Elementor for WordPress is the perfect choice for a dispensary website. Read on to see how Elementor’s flexibility, simple interface, short build time, and scalability will do everything you need it to.

1. Elementor Page Builder is easy to use

The best part about Elementor is how easy it is to use. Even if you don’t know a thing about coding, you can build a stylish, modern dispensary website and look like a pro.

Visual Interface

Elementor lets you avoid going under the hood of your site with a completely visual interface. You can start by adding sections to each page with a couple of clicks. From there, you’ll drag and drop “widgets.” Add text boxes, images, buttons, carousels, and more straight from the sidebar.

In no time at all, you’ll have your dispensary website design realized right in your browser.

Fully Customizable

Every element of your dispensary website design will be fully customizable from the handy side menus too. From an entire section of a page to each widget itself, Elementor’s side menu responds to each item with a click.

You’ll be able to fine tune color schemes, positioning, typography, and just about anything else you can think of. And it won’t take a single line of code to manage.

Once you design the site just how you like it, getting it up and running will be a breeze with Elementor.

2. Get your dispensary website online faster

Elementor has some nice advantages over creating a site from scratch. You’ll enjoy shorter build times, easily-designed responsive pages for all devices, and cleaner code than other builders.

Shorter build time than a custom design

Elementor gets your dispensary’s site up and running a lot faster than a custom design. The tried-and-true page builder will avoid a lot of trouble testing and editing code. So, your build time will be a lot shorter whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a web developer.

When something on the page doesn’t react how you expect, you can manage the problem right on the screen thanks to the visual interface. There’s no need to dive into any code or check for bugs like a custom build.

Build responsive sites for all devices

Making your site responsive across all devices is a breeze too. Usually, you’d have to add a lot of custom code to resize all the elements when the site detects a smartphone or tablet.

But with Elementor for WordPress, three built-in device type buttons rearrange the site’s layout with a single click. See exactly how your site will look live on any device and edit in your browser.

Once your dispensary’s website is live, you may want to add content or make changes as you learn your market’s trends. Elementor’s flexibility makes it simple.

Clean code

Elementor for WordPress works more efficiently than other page builders. The code behind Elementor is faster and cleaner. In fact, simplifying their code and making it faster is a main point of focus in every Elementor update.

A page builder with clean code like Elementor will load your site faster. This is an important measure in your site’s SEO score.

Load speed also directly affects the user experience, one of the biggest factors in SEO ratings. For example, 53% percent of users will abandon a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Whereas satisfied users stay on your page longer, show a higher chance to click-thru to other articles, and ultimate give your dispensary website a significant boost in SEO rankings.

elementor for wordpress dispensary interface

3. Elementor for WordPress is flexible

Elementor’s robust features make it an extremely flexible tool. You can create your dispensary branding to your exact vision whether that be in the form of a simple landing page or complex site.
Build anything you can imagine

If you can imagine it, Elementor can build it. You might eventually need a landing page, product collections, blogs, events, a dispensary locator, and more. Elementor’s page builder and widget system make it easy to add any of these features to your dispensary website as needed.

Elementor comes with a few free themes to get you started. But it’s easy to build custom themes with Elementor Pro and the help of an experienced dispensary website developer.

Get up and running quickly with an off-the-shelf theme, or paint the pages exactly how you want. It’s just as easy as the rest of the building process.

Expanding your dispensary website

As your demand for content and new sections for your dispensary grows, you can add whatever you need with the same ease as the rest of your site. You won’t need to change any existing settings or be careful of any nasty surprises with other site elements.

Add a new section or page, drag and drop what you need, and let Elementor do the rest. It just works.

Add custom code with Elementor for WordPress

When you need a function outside of Elementor or want to edit a specific part of your site, custom code snippets can do it.

Code snippets let you target the site’s header, body, or footer with custom CSS. Or, you can add a useful tool like Google Analytics by copy-pasting some custom code. More advanced users can even change the sitewide PHP settings, or add some functions outside of Elementor.

This kind of flexibility makes the builder the perfect choice for any dispensary’s budget.

4. Perfect for any dispensary’s budget

Whether you do it yourself or hire a web designer, Elementor makes a solid choice for your budget. And it’s a tool that’s ready to scale with your dispensary when the time comes.

Getting started

The intuitive page builder makes it easy to get a dispensary website started on your own. You’ll find plenty of resources online since Elementor for WordPress is one of the most popular builders out there. If you get stuck, a solution is probably one quick search away.

Scaling up

Using site wide template kits, subscribing to Elementor Pro, or working with a professional web design firm are three ways to scale up when it’s time to expand your website. .

  • Template Kits. The free version of Elementor comes with 5 site wide themes called template kits. These kits are pre-built sites for categories like blog, ecommerce, or coffee shop.Choose a kit and swap out the content to make a fully functional dispensary site fast. You can also add sections and pages, swap out for another theme, or get even more options with Elementor Pro.
  • Elementor Pro. This subscription upgrade adds a host of useful features to use on your dispensary website. You can create custom pop-ups, have more widgets and over 200 template kits, and get access to a custom theme builder at your fingertips.Elementor’s Theme Builder is a powerful tool to create custom themes for every area of your site. Create pop-ups, blocks, or entire pages to use anywhere on your website. They work just like an official template kit. Add your saved theme anywhere you’d like, and edit the content with Elementor’s visual interface.
  • Work with a Web Design Firm. If you need a bit of help, this builder’s age makes it easy to come by. The official website has an active community page full of Elementor developers with helpful advice. Or, you can go through their YouTube tutorials for guidance every step of the way.And if your dispensary website’s demands pass your ability, finding a cannabis web design firm is a lot easier than you think. Experts can use Elementor’s existing features and optimize them in a way most non-developers can’t. That means a fast-loading site with a pleasant user experience built exactly to your vision.

Takeaway: Why Elementor for WordPress is Perfect for Dispensary Websites

Finding the perfect solution for creating your dispensary website doesn’t need to be a challenge. There are plenty of great site builders for WordPress out there. But Elementor is absolutely the way to go.

Elementor’s intuitive interface, ability to launch quickly, easy scalability, and overall versatility make it a clear winner in our book.

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