The Future of Digital Marketing is More Hopeful Than You Think

Innovation is the key trend for business owners to step ahead in today’s highly competent digital marketing landscape. Since it’s constantly changing, you need to adapt to the latest trends and techniques as a digital marketer or business owner.

This is an era in which business owners can’t afford to make mistakes as consumer interest and behaviors are becoming unpredictable. Marketers need to make data-driven decisions to appeal to the right audience.

Read further to discover the most popular digital marketing trends of 2020 that will let your business thrive in this age of innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

The year 2020 embraces the dominance of artificial intelligence as it becomes the core of the global marketing industry. Technology has already automated many marketing processes and taken over many simple jobs related to communication, personalization, and product recommendation, to name a few.

It is predicted that AI will increase global GDP by 14% in the next ten years, which means late adopters will be at a greater disadvantage to compete in this cutthroat industry. Therefore, it is important for all industries to excel and implement AI in routine marketing to significantly accelerate growth, reduce labor costs, and stand out from the competition.

Social Commerce

Since its initial days, social media has been an ideal place to showcase your products/services and connect with consumers. However, it was nearly impossible to drive that traffic to your online store.

But now you can! These shop-able posts are gaining more and more traction as consumers can buy directly from the post without switching to any other app. The goal is to simplify the purchasing process and prevent sales abandonment. It makes perfect sense as 54% of consumers use social media to search for products.

Influencer Marketing

It’s not a new concept as celebrity endorsement has been quite a popular trend of traditional marketing as well. Its growing success in the digital landscape, influencer marketing has become really expensive due to its substantial success rate.

People tend to make an instant buying decision if they see someone (whom they trust) endorsing it. Typically, brands rely on micro-influencers who have approximately 30,000 followers in a particular niche and are free of sponsorship. This increases their credibility on online social media platforms.

Micro-influencers have the tendency to increase engagement rates as they generate highly relevant content that appeals to their audience.


Consumers tend to react more positively to customized messages in comparison to generic ones. However, businesses fail to take full advantage of this incredible marketing gimmick, even in 2020.

Nevertheless, a business can no more survive without tailoring their approach to the needs of consumers. According to new studies, personalized emails yield three times better results than generic ones. Netflix and Amazon are the greatest examples of personalized marketing as they highlight recommendations based on consumer choice and behavior.

Due to the high success rate, digital marketing has a bright future with ever-evolving technology and human behavior. To tap into this success, businesses need to adapt to interact with the audience and boost sales more efficiently.