What Should Be Your PPC Strategy In 2020 And Beyond?

Pay-per-click is an effective marketing activity to create brand awareness, drive traffic, and, most importantly, lead conversions. On average, companies can earn twice the amount on their investment. However, the success of your PPC strategy is contingent on your up-to-date knowledge, expertise, and skills.

Today, the marketing tides are shifting, and so does your PPC strategy. Things that used to work are failing flat now, due to the introduction of new platforms and rising technology. Voice searches and automation are the leading factors of PPC strategies in the year 2020.

Moreover, Google released 18 new ad updates in the last quarter of 2019 whereas Bing introduced four new changes in Microsoft advertising. This allows marketers use smart advertising campaigns, YouTube’s Lead Ads and audience expansion tool (similar to Facebook’s Lookalike Audience) features. If you wish to stay ahead, then keep an eye on these latest trends:

Automating Your PPC Campaign

The global automation industry is predicted to increase by 83% in 2021 and generate around $238 billion in revenue. Combine Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to automate your PPC campaign and reduce the use of the workforce.

Through this cutting-edge technology, you can also tap into consumer data, improve your reach for prospective clients, and enhance the efficiency of your advertising campaigns.

Although not new, these tools have certainly augmented marketing tactics focused on ad performance and budget allocation. PPC strategy experts, now, can:

  • Design best bidding strategy
  • Increase conversion rate with a targeted CPA
  • Stop low-performance ads and prioritize successful ones
  • Enhance CPC that generate conversion
  • Automatically generate ads based on consumer behavior and website performance
  • Google Scripts automatically optimizes ad copies based on data feeds
  • Routinely create reports on ad performance

Designing Ads Using Virtual Reality

With its immense success, Virtual Reality has opened up a new domain for advertisers. The main purpose of VR is to let you experience the product before buying it. A brand, New Balance, used the latest Display and 360-Video ad, to let consumers experience running in those shoes even before buying them. However, there are four ways to transform your PPC ads using VR, such as:

  • Eye-tracking technology to activate ads
  • Insights to find the hotspots of a screen to increase the viewing rate
  • Defining age groups of your target audience becomes easier
  • Redefining ad interaction through 360-degree videos

Using Voice Search Features in Your PPC Campaigns

Voice Search is important for your marketing campaign, because:

  • 50% of all searches will be voice-based by the year 2020.
  • By 2022, 50% of consumers will use voice features for shopping
  • Sales through voice shopping will reach $40 billion

Most voice searches are made through mobile devices due to ease of use. Since voice searches are comparatively natural and conversational, so advertisers need to incorporate long-tail and question-oriented keywords in their PPC campaign.

To optimize voice searches, you should find keywords that start with:

Hey Siri …

Ok, Google …

Where …


Selecting a search engine is much more important before finalizing your PPC campaign keywords. Typically, Google is on default settings but consumers use Bing for Alexa-related searches. If yours is a Microsoft based product or service, then your keyword research should be designed as per the relevant search engine. Interestingly, you can also add call extensions so consumers can directly buzz you through voice search.

However, to set your PPC campaign, you should follow these steps:

  • Learn new tools
  • Do keyword research
  • Monitor their competitors
  • Plan the ad strategy based on new technologies
  • Set a realistic budget
  • Write compelling copies
  • A/B test the campaign
  • Study the reports
  • Devise a remarketing campaign

Through these tips, you will be able to revolutionize your PPC strategy and achieve performance-driven outcomes. You can even hire us to devise your marketing plan from scratch until the end.