Clear Water Filtration

Clear Water Filtration is a full service water treatment company providing customized water systems and service throughout Vermont.

The Client

Clear Water Filtration is a full service water treatment company that offers customized water systems and services throughout Vermont. They provide high-tech expertise, results-focused equipment and systems, as well as personalized service to every customer they serve.

Clear Water Filtration Website

The Challenge

The Clear Water Filtration website was in desperate need of a revamp. It’s a critical touchpoint for both their commercial and residential clients and a major driver of new business. The old site was a challenge to update plus it was seriously lacking some business critical content, and the visual design was getting rusty.

The Solution

When Clutch stepped in as a subcontractor for Bluehouse Group, we saw an opportunity to work our magic and fix things up. We didn’t waste any time – we rolled up our sleeves, got down to business, and started streamlining the user experience with comprehensive site maps and wireframe studies. Our goal was crystal clear – we wanted to make it easy for everyone to navigate the site and find exactly what they need. No more getting lost in a maze of information. We were all about efficiency and optimizing conversion points.

We didn’t just slap something together and call it a day. We took pride in our work, and that meant making sure the new website was not only on-brand, but sleek, user-friendly, and a magnet for new business.