RP Construction Services

RP Construction Services is the nation's premier value-added distributor of utility-scale solar equipment. Specializing in single-axis solar tracker systems sourced from the industry's leading brands, they empower clients across the country with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service.

The Client

RP Construction Services (RPCS) is a prominent value-added distributor of utility-scale solar equipment in the United States. They specialize in designing and selling single-axis solar tracker systems from leading brands like Array Technologies and Nextracker. RPCS offers a comprehensive range of services, including construction and installation, drone-based site surveys, shipping and logistics, inventory management, and warehousing.

WordPress Website Design

The Challenge

RPCS approached Clutch with the challenge of revitalizing their online presence through a website redesign. Their previous website was missing the mark with brand messaging, clarity in services, and lead conversion. RPCS needed a modern, user-friendly website that would effectively showcase their products and services, establish credibility, attract leads, and facilitate job seekers and partnerships.

The Solution

Clutch proposed a comprehensive solution to address RPCS’s challenges and meet their business needs. The proposed solution included the following key components:

  1. Modern Design: Clutch designed a modern and contemporary website interface that reflects RPCS’s brand identity and offerings, enhancing visual appeal and user engagement.
  2. Content Enhancement: Clutch worked closely with RPCS to develop business-critical content, including information on products and services offered, company culture, and leadership, positioning RPCS as thought leaders in the industry.
  3. Lead Generation: Clutch implemented lead generation strategies, such as quote request forms and clear calls-to-action, to drive sales leads and facilitate engagement with potential clients.
  4. User Experience Optimization: The website was optimized for intuitive navigation, ensuring that visitors, including utility-scale solar developers, EPCs, job seekers, and vendors, could easily find relevant information and engage with RPCS.
  5. Responsive Design: Clutch developed a responsive website design, ensuring optimal display and functionality across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, catering to the diverse needs of RPCS’s target audience.
  6. WordPress Development: Clutch leveraged WordPress, an open-source content management system, to build and manage the website, providing flexibility, scalability, and ease of maintenance for RPCS.
  7. SEO Optimization: The website was optimized for search engines, maximizing on-page SEO potential to improve visibility and attract organic traffic.


Through close collaboration with RPCS, Clutch Creative Company successfully delivered a new marketing website that met RPCS’s needs and exceeded their expectations. The redesigned website not only showcases RPCS’s products and services effectively but also reinforces their brand credibility, attracts sales leads, and facilitates engagement with various stakeholders. With a modern design, enhanced content, and improved user experience, the RPCS website now serves as a valuable asset in their digital marketing efforts, positioning them as industry leaders in the utility-scale solar sector. Additionally, Clutch continues to provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that the website remains up-to-date and responsive to RPCS’s evolving needs and objectives.