Vermont Community Action Partnership

The Vermont Community Action Partnership (VCAP) is an oversight organization of the five Vermont Community Action Agencies. Collectively, they cover the entire state of Vermont with a broad array of programs and services designed to help those with low income cope with the hardships of poverty, stabilize their financial condition, and move toward self-sufficiency.

The Client

The Vermont Community Action Partnership (VCAP) is a force to be reckoned with – an oversight organization that brings together five Vermont Community Action Agencies (CAAs) covering the entire state. They’re on a mission to combat poverty, uplift Vermonters with low income, and empower them to achieve self-sufficiency through a diverse range of programs and services.

VCAP Website Design

The Challenge

VCAP finds themselves in a digital conundrum with their outdated website. It’s been around for quite a while and usability issues are holding them back. The biggest problem? The website fails to visually convey the positive and empowering assistance offered by the CAAs.

To continue supporting their primary audience, VCAP is on the hunt for a top-notch web agency who can swoop in, organize their content, optimize the user experience, and create a website that captures the true essence of their organization.

VCAP Website Design

The Solution

Our team worked their magic to create a website that checks all the boxes for VCAP. We organized the content with precision, ensuring that users of all abilities can easily navigate the site and find what they’re looking for. We also updated the website design to one that truly represents the positive and empowering assistance offered by VCAP.

And, that’s not all. We make sure the website is a powerful resource and educational tool, connecting those in need with essential resources across the great state of Vermont. And to top it all off, the website is easy-to-use and maintain, so VCAP can wield it confidently and make updates whenever they need to.

At Clutch, we’re not just web designers; we’re an agency that brings vision to challenges. Consider VCAP’s challenges conquered and their new website poised for success.