Eclypses changed the game with their technology offering organizations with a revolutionary data security solution called MicroToken Exchange® (MTE).

The Client

Eclypses has developed a disruptive cyber technology, offering organizations an advanced data security solution not seen in today’s environments, called MicroToken Exchange® (MTE).

The MTE technology eliminates risk by replacing valuable data with meaningless, instantly obsolete random streams of values. MTE provides true end-to-end payload protection through every hop of a network, regardless of the configuration, and ensures that in the event of a breach, attackers cannot use the data to cause harm.

Eclypses Mobile Website Design

The Challenge 

The main objective of this project was to present the brand’s technology in a way that was easy to understand and would create awareness, interest, and excitement. Eclypses also needed their new website to complement their current marketing materials and be easy to update on a flexible platform.

Eclypses Website Design

The Solution

Clutch developed a custom WordPress website for Eclypses after conducting extensive UX research and planning. The new website addresses the challenges that Eclypses’ previous website was facing, such as poor user experience and limited functionality. The new website is also designed to scale with Eclypses’ business as it grows.

Some of the features of the new website include a responsive design, a user-friendly interface, and a powerful content management system. The website is also optimized for search engines, which will help Eclypses to attract more visitors and generate more leads.